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The new treated lumber! What fasterners should I use?

The New Treated Lumber! What Fasteners Should I Use?

According to tests designed and approved by the American Wood-Preservers’ Association, the new treated lumber is more corrosive to fasteners than the old CCA treated wood. The manufacturers of ACQ, CA, ACZA and CCA and the treated wood industry are all recommending hot-dipped galvanized nails and stainless steel nails and screws with their treated wood products. Furthermore, they specify that the fasteners meet the ASTM A-153 specification for hot-dipped galvanizing.

All Maze STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized nails meet and exceed the ASTM A-153 spec. and the exclusive STORMGUARD ® process insures the thickest, most uniform coating of galvanizing available. Maze Nails has over 85 years of hot-dip galvanizing experience and also offers a full line of stainless steel nails and screws.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized nails

"The effect of Wolmanized Natural Select™ wood on fasteners is similar to that of CCA treated wood. Hot-dipped fasteners meeting ASTM A-153 are recommended for protection against the moisture often present where treated wood is usually used. For Permanent Wood Foundations, use 304 or 316 stainless steel. Aluminum should not be used in direct contact with this wood."

Arch Wood Protection, Inc.,
1955 Lake Park Drive, Suite 250
Smyrna, Georgia 30080
Tel: 1-770-801-6600
"As a minimum requirement for use with Preserve® and Preserve Plus® treated wood, hot-dipped galvanized coated fasteners should conform to ASTM Standard A-153. For optimum performance and longevity in treated wood, stainless steel fasteners should be considered."

CSI One Woodlawn Green
200 East Woodlawn Rd, Suite 250
Charlotte, NC 28217
Tel: 1-800-421-8661
"Fasteners for use with NatureWood® preserved wood products include hot-dip galvanized fasteners conforming to the ASTM Standard A-153. Stainless steel fasteners are required for Permanent Wood Foundations below grade and are recommended for use with treated wood in other severe exterior applications such as swimming pools, salt water exposure, etc. Type 304 and 316 are the recommend grades to use."

Osmose, Inc.,
1016 Everee Inn Road
Griffin, Georgia 30224
Tel: 1-800-241-0240

ICC International Code Council logo 2003 International Residential Code – Fastener Statement – Section R319.3
“Fasteners for pressure-preservative treated wood shall be of hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper. Exception: One-half inch (12.7 mm) diameter or greater steel bolts.”

2003 International Building Code – Fastener Statement Section 2304.9.5
“Fasteners for preservative-treated and fire-retardant-treated wood shall be hot-dipped zinc-coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper.”

Note: Electroplated galvanized fastener and metal products are typically not accepted by the building codes for use in exterior applications, regardless of the type of wood used.

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