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Independent Nail Purchased by Maze in 1990

Stronghold Line Independent Nails logo Independent Nail, founded in 1915 in Bridgewater, MA by the Stone family, was once the nation's largest supplier of specialty nails. Truckloads of paneling nails, drywall nails, and other bright, threaded and painted nails poured from the well-run plant and were distributed by wholesalers nationwide.

Fine merchandising and sales aids gave Independent's STORMHOLDŽ nail line brand-name recognition that most other nail makers were unable to match for many years. Independent Nail designed many new nails, including ring shank nails for better holding power. Independent Nail and Maze Nails are widely known as the two producers most instrumental in creating the strong market for specialty nails.

The Independent Nail company purchase gave Maze Company many items that customers were also demanding. These included stainless steel nails, copper nails, plastic head AP nails, metal head cap nails, paneling nails, hardwood trim nails and aluminum nails.

Maze quickly brought inventory of these items to the huge Peru warehouse - now brimming with specialty nails of all descriptions. The Independent Nail plant was soon relocated to Taunton, Massachusetts into a larger, more efficient mill. With their help, Maze Nails now had the greatest selection of top-quality specialty nails in the US - to better serve customers. And Independent Nail provides large quantities of Maze-Made nails that are now carried in their warehouse, primarily for East Coast accounts.

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