Cut Nails

Cut nails are great for a variety of projects ranging from masonry to restoration work. Galvanized steel offers corrosion resistance.

Hardened Cut Flooring Nails
Hardened Cut Flooring Nails

Hand Drive
Cut Nail
Made in the USA
Series ID: CFH*

Tremont Hardened Steel Cut Flooring nails are ideal for laying hardwood tongue and groove floors. The slim shanks avoid splitting the groove and the holding power is excellent. Nails should be spaced 8" apart on 3/8” thick material and 12" apart on 3/4" flooring. Note: the wide side of the nail should always be driven parallel to the grain of the wood. Larger-headed Cut Masonry Nails recommended for face-nailing. Use safety glasses.

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Lb 50 Lb 5 Lb
CFH8 2-1/2" .120" .188" x .313" 78 $278.99 $31.57
CFH10 3" .120" .188" x .375" 53 $277.83 $31.48

NOTE: 5 Lb boxes are packed 6 per carton. A "broken carton" premium of $10.00 applies per Stock Number