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Maze Nails Practices Comprehensive Recycling Program

Maze Nails, made right here in the U.S.A., are manufactured from top-quality, domestic recycled steel.

By utilizing re-melted steel, the obvious environmental benefit is that no additional mining and refining must be done to meet our steel demands. This reduces energy usage and waste products inherent in the basic steel process and utilizes scrap steel otherwise thrown into landfills and ditches. The steel scrap generated during the Maze nail-making process also heads right back to the steel mills for re-melting...along with steel from scrapped automobiles, I-beams, radiators, etc. Some nail-making “scrap” is even directed to end-use applications… avoiding the energy and environmental impact of re-melting that material.

Maze also re-claims most of the non-steel raw materials we utilize: such as zinc, acid and certain other processing chemicals. Not surprisingly, we consume millions of pounds of zinc in our unique Double Hot-Dip Galvanizing (STORMGUARD®) process. All of our waste zinc by-products are recycled into useful materials. Much of it is converted directly back into metallic zinc and re-sold to galvanizers such as ourselves. The balance is used in paint pigments, car tires, cosmetics, fertilizers, etc.

We are proud to mention that, years ago, Maze chose to use the cleanest commercial grade of zinc available called “Special High Grade”. At 99.99% purity, it is safe for use…and re-use… throughout it’s entire life cycle!

Many nail manufacturers, including Maze, "pickle" their steel in an acid bath as the first of several steps in making nails. For nearly twenty years and at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Maze has operated a completely self-contained Acid Recovery Unit. This unit converts the harmful, spent acid into a useful raw material which is offered to other companies. The "ferrous sulfate salt" which this equipment extracts is used in fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and even in snack foods. The salt is also used to stabilize (make-safe) other hazardous chemicals. So from start to finish, we pickle our steel, recover the spent acid as salt, and use the salt to further “make safe” other hazardous materials. It is a sort of pro- environment “double-dipping”….benefiting us all.

Finally, all Maze nails and spikes are packaged in cardboard boxes which are made from recycled paper products--and most Maze price lists and literature pieces are printed on recycled paper too. Maze Nails has a strong commitment to using quality recycled materials whenever possible -- and to insuring that our manufacturing process results in reclaimable products!

Maze Company is located in Peru, Illinois – and was founded in 1848.

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