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For Immediate Release
Contact: Kim Pohl

Maze Eco-Nails Earn S C S Certification For Reycled Content

Maze Nails is extremely excited to announce that SCS Scientific Certification Systems, a top-rated independent third party evaluation and certification company in Emeryville, CA has independently certified that Maze STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized nails have achieved certification for recycled steel and zinc content.

According to company president, Roelif Loveland, “We’re very proud to have earned this important certification shows that Maze Nail continues to grow and evolve with the times! Maze has always used recycled materials in our manufacturing process, and now the SCS certification assures our customers that it‘s true! There are thousands of companies making “green” claims for their products - but many of those claims are simply false. “Greenwashing” is what that fib is called. Official SCS certification gives Maze the right to say our nails are truly “green” for recycled steel and zinc content– and we know of no other nail manufacturer that has earned this important seal of approval!”

Maze Nails are an “environmentally preferred product” - as defined by the USGBC -- and we fully endorse the LEED Green Building Rating System. Using Maze Nails will earn points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Desing) and LEED for Homes Certification.

For additional information, please call toll free 800-435-5949.

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