Who is Maze

Welcome to Maze Nails!
Roelif Loveland

We're one of America's last nail makers - proudly producing 100% of our nails in the good ole' USA!! - here in Peru, Illinois!

On the following pages, you'll find a wide selection of top-quality construction nails for roofing, siding, decking, trim, gutters, interior trim and flooring, etc.

It's great to find nails that won't bend when you drive them - nails whose heads don't pop off - and exterior nails that give decades of trouble-free and rust-free service. That's the benefit of buying American nails. And, we're just a toll-free call away!

Thank you for your interest in Maze - and for your past and future business. We appreciate it!

Roelif M. Loveland - President
Fifth Generation to Samuel Nesbitt Maze
Founder of W. H. Maze Company in 1848

Samuel Maze
The Founder

Samuel Nesbitt Maze - 1811 - 1885

Maze emigrated from Ireland in 1836 and opened a small lumberyard - Maze Lumber - in 1848 - along the banks of the Illinois River in Peru. When he got rust complaints from his customers and serious nail failures due to the inferior nails from his wholesalers, he decided to buy a small nail machine and make his own nails out of pure zinc.

Now - more than a century later - Maze Nails manufactures nails for worldwide distribution. The Maze Lumber yard is still in business - managed by Peter M. Loveland - and is the oldest lumber dealer in the state of Illinois.