Maze Nails

Maze Nails, the largest division of W.H. Maze Company, is located in Peru, IL - just a mile from the Maze lumber yard. The nail mill, besides manufacturing a wide line of hand-driven nails, is now actively supplying nails to the pneumatic market.

Double-Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated STORMGUARD® nails and Type 304 stainless steel 20-degree stick nails are being made and sold by Maze Nails for use in a wide variety of popular 20-degree framing nailers - for a wide array of exterior siding and decking jobs.

Maze keeps substantial inventories of hard-to-find nails in stock, and boasts the most prompt shipment in the industry. The huge Maze Nail warehouse includes 50-lb. bulk nails for contractor use - and a wide variety of packaged nails is sold nationwide for use on popular merchandiser selections. These include 1-pound and 5-pound nail boxes in 25-lb. & 30-lb. masters. Maze Nails was first to offer small lot packing and color-coded labels.