Gutter Spikes

Ideal for aluminum, galvanized and vinyl gutters. The hot dip galvanized coating will not react with aluminum. These steel spikes drive better than aluminum spikes. For best results, drive nails at least 1" into rafter or truss. Minimum 1 spike every 24".

Aluminum Gutter Ferrules
Aluminum Gutter Ferrules

500 pieces/box
Made in the USA
Series ID: AF*

Packed 500 pieces per box, these quality ferrules are made from .013 gauge aluminum. The 5” ferrules are commonly used with 7” spikes and the 6” ferrules are used with 8” spikes.

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Lb 5 Lb
AF5     Spec Sheet 5" .013" 500.0 $47.46