Our masonry nails are hardened for added strength and can be used for metal lath, furring strips, floor plates, partition walls etc.

Hardened Metal Lath Nails
Hardened Metal Lath Nails

Hand Drive
Plain Shank
Made in the USA
Series ID: HML*

These Hardened Metal Lath nails are ideal for attaching metal lath to masonry surfaces. The head is larger than standard masonry nails to ensure that the lath doesn’t pull through. The strong shanks drive well without bending.

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Lb 50 Lb 25 Lb
HML38 3/8" .148" .375" 380 $194.15 ----
HML50 1/2" .148" .375" 324 $187.00 $99.85