Painted Nail Colors

Add richness, sophistication and eye-appeal to all of your building projects by using Maze Nails pre-finished nails. And, save time by eliminating the labor intensive job of touching up nail heads!

Painted Nail Technology
  • Checkered nail heads and oven-curing enhance paint adhesion.
  • Consistent colors.
  • Capable of matching all paint manufacturers' colors; shown below are the top 100 colors.
Painted Nail Specifications
  • Only one carton minimum for painted Coil and Collated Stick orders. Please note that due to the impact of the driver blade, some paint chipping will occur when nails are driven.
  • Minimum painted bulk nail order is 200 pounds of a size and color and 100 pounds increments beyond. However, some sizes and colors of "Split-Less"┬« Nails, Collated and Coil Nails, Rubber Washer Nails, Trim Nails and Fiber Cement Nails are kept in stock. Please call for availability.
Painted Nail Recommendations
  • Hammer Caps - Offered to help reduce damage to paint fill on hand-driven, colored nails during application. Individually packed. Minimum order is one dozen.
Siding nail Color Matches

Trim Nail Color Matches

Interactive Siding nail & Trim Color Charts
  • Put your mouse over the image below (or tap for touch devices) to see an enlarged view of the color swatches below.
  • Due to individual device display limitations, colors shown on the following color charts and linked images below may not accurately reflect the Painted Nail Colors. Maze Nails has printed color charts available that we can ship to you. Please contact our customer service department at 800-435-5949 to request a copy.

Siding/Jamb Seal Nail Color Chart:
Hover over image to zoom in your view.

View a larger version of the above Siding/Jamb Seal Nail Color Chart image.

Stainless Steel Trim Nail Color Chart:
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View a larger version of the above Stainless Steel Trim Nail Color Chart image.