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Graber Post Buildings
7716 N. 900E
Montgomery, IN
Phone/Fax: 800-264-5013

Graber Post Buildings
Graber Post Buildings

Please provide a brief history and/or business strategy of your company.
Graber Post started in 1973 as a 4 man construction crew and has grown into a complete 1-stop shop for all post frame & metal roof projects. We provide materials to distributors all over the US & Canada.

How long have we had a business relationship?
30-40 years.

What Maze Nails products are handled at your location?
Pole barn nails, roofing nails and painted trim nails.

Is there any particular reason(s) that your customers purchase Maze Nails instead of a competing product?
Made in USA quality.

Any interesting stories / experiences with the Maze Nails product line?
From Graber's Maze Nails sales representative, Fred Knox: "Owner Glen Graber, years ago, built a very large community building complete with basketball and volleyball courts, and office space. He encourages anyone who has wedding plans and family reunions to use this great facility. The building has been a great payback to the community."