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J MAC Metals
1300 SE 2nd. St
Galva, IL
Office: 309-932-3001
Fax: 309-932-2265

J MAC Metals
J MAC Metals

Please provide a brief history and/or business strategy of your company.
We started in business in May 2013. We primarily deal with post frame builders in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

How long have we had a business relationship?
We have been buying nails for 3 years.

What Maze Nails products are handled at your location?
60D, 20HDG, 20D, 16D, 1 ¼” Joist Hanger Nails.

Is there any particular reason(s) that your customers purchase Maze Nails instead of a competing product?
Maze is the best post frame nail on the market. Store brand nails from big box stores tend to bend where a Maze nail will drive in through hard lumber.