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Lakeside Lumber
10600 SW Tualatin - Sherwood Rd.
Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone/Fax: 503-635-3693

Lakeside Lumber
Lakeside Lumber Showroom

Please provide a brief history and/or business strategy of your company.
We are a family owned business that has been operating for over 75 years. We specialize in siding and decking. We are a pre-stainer. We will coat almost all of the cedar siding and decking we sell.

How long have we had a business relationship?
At least 15 years, maybe 20.

What Maze Nails products are handled at your location?
Hot dip galvanized and stainless steel hand drive siding nails and trim nails.

Is there any particular reason(s) that your customers purchase Maze Nails instead of a competing product?
We basically told them that we'll only supply Maze Nails. We don't want a hundred dollars of nails ruining thousands of dollars of pre-stained cedar siding.

Any interesting stories / experiences with the Maze Nails product line?
Before we switched to Maze we used to open the boxes of nails to find a very wide range of coating on the nails. Some were hot dipped and others were already rusted. The other thing that has struck a cord with our customers is the Made in America factor with Maze Nails.

     A Note From The Local Sales Rep     
Lakeside Lumber is known in the Northwest as a quality & professional lumberyard offering high end products. They partner with the best products and manufacturers in the industry. We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Lakeside Lumber for over 20 Years. We value Lakeside Lumber as a key customer who understands by offering quality products to their contractors, they will not need to be concerned about call backs on any project. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership and friendship with Lakeside Lumber for many more years to come.