Featured Dealers

West End Lumber
100 Washburn St.
Bridgeport, CT
Phone/Fax: 203-333-2178

West End Lumber

Please provide a brief history and/or business strategy of your company.
We sell the best product available at competitive prices with an eye toward American made quality.

How long have we had a business relationship?
Since 1975.

What Maze Nails products are handled at your location?
We stock a selection of bright, galvanized and cement coated framing nails. We also stock galvanized siding, roofing and decking nails. Stainless steel siding nails and copper slating nails too.

Is there any particular reason(s) that your customers purchase Maze Nails instead of a competing product?
The first reason they try them is because they are the only nail brand we sell. They return when it becomes clear that there is a major difference in the quality versus nails sold by our competition.

Any interesting stories / experiences with the Maze Nails product line?
We had a retired soldier ask to see the nail buyer several years ago. When I went out to see him he was holding a box of Maze nails. He relayed his experiences from World War II in the Pacific and of losing a friend in the war. He thanks me for having America made nails.