Asphalt Roofing

Our asphalt shingle nails have a large head and are available in a variety of finishes. Designed to meet ASTM spec F1667 and A-153. Available collated as well. Nails should be long enough to penetrate at least 3/4" into the wood deck lumber.

15° Hot-Dip Galvanized Ring Shank Roofing Nails
15° Hot-Dip Galvanized Ring Shank Roofing Nails
 for Asphalt Roofing  for Asphalt Roofing

15° Wire Collation
STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dip Galvanized - ASTM A153 Compliant
Ring Shank
Made in the USA
Series ID: CLWR10*A

Finally – a great hot-dip galvanized coating – and the convenience of being able to use a pneumatic coil roofing nailer! Ideal for the quality application of Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles, blind-nailing Fiber Cement Siding, attaching Backerboard, nailing felt . . . and a myriad of other applications! Packed in convenient job packs of 3,600 nails. Ring shank. High wire weld collation. PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Ctn Carton
CLWR102A     Spec Sheet 1-1/4" .120" .375" 3600.0 $172.27
CLWR103A     Spec Sheet 1-1/2" .120" .375" 3600.0 $180.33
CLWR104A     Spec Sheet 1-3/4" .120" .375" 3600.0 $188.75