Channel/Tongue & Groove Siding

Our channel/tounge & groove siding nails are specifically designed for split-prone woods. Slim, sturdy shank and special blunt point virtually eliminate splits. Checkered head helps to hold paint or stain. For jobs that will be left natural or threated with a clear or semi-transparent finish, we recommend our stainless steel "Slim-Jim®" nails.

15° Stainless Steel (304) Slim-Jim® Wood Siding Nails
15° Stainless Steel (304) Slim-Jim® Wood Siding Nails
 for Channel/Tongue & Groove Siding  for Channel/Tongue & Groove Siding

15° Plastic COIL-ATED®
Stainless Steel Type 304
Ring Shank
Made in the USA
Series ID: CLSS*WS

Fine wood siding deserves great nails. Maze Nails now has "SLIM-JIM"® Wood Siding Nails in coils to fit many popular coil nailers! Customers can now have the excellent, long-term rust protection of Maze Type 304 Stainless Steel nails . . . and the speed and convenience of pneumatic application! These, along with Maze bulk & collated stick nails, are "the right nails for the job"!

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Ctn Carton
CLSS6WS     Spec Sheet 2" .099" .219" 3200.0 $303.57
CLSS8WS     Spec Sheet 2-1/2" .099" .219" 3200.0 $331.42