Fiber Cement Siding

Our fiber cement siding nails have been specifically designed for face and blind nailing fiber cement siding. Available in different paint colors to match poplar fiber cement siding colors.

15° Hot-Dip Galvanized Ring Shank Fiber Cement Siding Nails
15° Hot-Dip Galvanized Ring Shank Fiber Cement Siding Nails
 for Fiber Cement Siding  for Fiber Cement Siding

15° Plastic COIL-ATED®
STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dip Galvanized - ASTM A153 Compliant
Ring Shank
Made in the USA
Series ID: CLCEM11*A

15° COIL-ATED® Nails Labeled for Fiber Cement and Cedar Shakes & Shingles. MAZE STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dip Galvanized Nails are recommended by many of the fiber cement manufacturers and the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. These coil nails, along with Maze bulk & collated stick nails are "the right nails for the job"! Ring Shank provides additional holding power.

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Ctn Carton
CLCEM113A     Spec Sheet 1-1/2" .092" .219" 3200.0 $152.51
CLCEM115A     Spec Sheet 2" .092" .219" 3200.0 $160.62
CLCEM116A     Spec Sheet 2 -1/4" .092" .219" 3200.0 $167.91
CLCEM117A     Spec Sheet 2-1/2" .092" .219" 3200.0 $173.31
CLCEM119A     Spec Sheet 3" .092" .219" 2400.0 $169.47