Exterior Soffit/Fascia

Trim nails are available in different lengths and shank styles. Many colors available. To keep paint from chipping off head of nail, use one of our "Hammer Caps" - sold separately.

Aluminum Trim Nails
Aluminum Trim Nails

Hand Drive
High-Tensile Aluminum Alloy
Plain Shank
Painted White (8252) - for colors other than 8252 white, please call Customer Service at (800) 435-5949
Made in the USA
Series ID: AT*

Our quality paint finish is a special baking enamel - for fine durability. Made from .101" wire, with 3/16" flat heads. Available in white and brown finish only.

Stock Number Length Gauge Head Nails/Lb 1 Lb
AT3     Spec Sheet 1-1/4" .099" .188" 1040.0 $18.40

NOTE: 1 Lb boxes are packed 25 per carton. A "broken carton" premium of $10.00 applies per Stock Number