Our Commitment to Green Sustainable Building

Maze Nails made from recycled steel!

Maze Nails uses only the highest quality domestic steel, 85% of which is re-melted from steel scrap. By using re-melted steel, the obvious environmental benefit is that no additional mining must be done to meet our steel demands and less steel is thrown into landfills. The scrap steel that we generate while making nails heads goes right back to the steel mills for re-melting... along with steel from scrapped automobiles, I-beams, radiators, etc.

Recycled Steel

We re-claim most of the raw materials we consume; such as zinc, steel, and certain acids. Many nail manufacturers, including Maze Nails, "pickle" their steel in an acid bath prior to making it into nails. After several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, we now have a completely self-contained Acid Recovery Unit. The unit converts the harmful, spent acids into useful raw materials we then can offer to other companies. The "ferrous sulfate" which this equipment extracts, for example, is used in fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and even in snack foods.

We use millions of pounds of zinc in our unique Double Hot-Dip Nail Galvanizing (STORMGUARD®) process. Our waste zinc is recycled into useful materials - which are then used in paint pigments, car tires, etc. So, our zinc by-products are being utilized too.

All Maze nails and spikes are packaged in cardboard boxes which are made from recycled paper products - and many of our price lists and literature pieces are printed on recycled paper too. Maze Nails has a strong commitment to using quality recycled materials whenever we can - and to insuring that our manufacturing process results in reclaimable products!

So there you have it, the "green" side of Maze Nails.