Here's what Maze customers write to tell us!

ProBuild logo

"Your people and your products are exceptional in all ways. Your product is requested by name. Thanks for all you do."

Ted Shick — FE Wheaton Lumber — Wheaton IL (Now Pro-Build Lumber)

"I'm not stuck on (nails) being made in the USA, but I do want quality, and I'm used to the Maze ones. A nail that either bends too easily, or snaps off, is junk. A nail with insufficient holding power, whether actual or perceived, is unacceptable. (I like the sharp definition on the serrations of your pole barn nails). The hardware is usually such a small amount of the DIY project, at least offer them the better nails at a higher price point. Call them "professional grade" or something to help sell them."

Brad Baber — Builder — Joliet IL

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"You are doing a good job — everything comes in on time with no problems. Keep up the good work — I will recommend you to everybody."

Ernie Graber — Graber Post Buildings — Montgomery IN

Northland Buildings logo

"A few months ago I was at a frame builder's convention and Maze Nails was one of the companies that were there for a vendor show. Maze Nails put on a nail pounding competition to showcase their product and to get the attention of by passers. Well - they got my attention. The competition was a speed competition to see who could pound a series of their nails into a solid wood beam the fastest. I was shocked to see that during this competition of brutal pounding that not one single Maze Nail broke or even bent! I couldn't believe that with all that abuse not a single nail was damaged. Seeing this made me think that these were extreme conditions because no one would ever have to pound a nail that hard and fast in normal everyday circumstances. If they held up to a competition like that, they would surely hold up on the jobsite. This is exactly why Northland Buildings has trusted Maze Nails products for years to help us produce the best post frame buildings we can, while using the best products in the business. Our hat is off to Maze Nails for their quality product and a company we have grown to trust."

Aaron Constantine — Northland Buildings — Eau Claire WI

Lester Building Systems logo

"Lester Building Systems, one of the top post frame builders in the country, has used all types of galvanized nails from different companies. Most — if not all — were from import sources. Maze ring shank post frame hot-dipped galvanized nails...they are the best in the country. Not only do they meet building codes for the new treated lumber but hold great. When we were using import brand, all we got were complaints from the dealers and crews of bending, heads popping off, backing out and rusting. This all stopped when we switched to Maze about 6 years ago. This goes to show that a great American product is only made in the great U.S.A. Keep up the good work."

Bill Calvert — Lester Building Systems — Fairfield IL

Cleary Building Corp. logo

"I'm writing to let you know how pleased we are with the products and service of Maze. Your nails complement our product in a way that allows us to be more efficient and productive. We always appreciate your response time. We are always pleased to partner with a company that places the same value on customer service that we do. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Maze Nails."

Duane Schlamp — Cleary Building Corp. — Verona WI

"I am not in construction, but I did install James Hardie fiber cement siding on my house - and I used your product. I cannot say enough about the superior quality of your nails. It is a pleasure to deal with something well made in every way. I will recommend your product to anyone and everyone."

John A. Wood — DIYer — Strongsville OH

Borkholder Buildings & Supply logo

"The Maze brand of nails has been a tremendous asset to our company. Our customers expect a high quality fastener when they buy from us, and that is exactly what they get when they buy the Maze brand. For many years we had bought import nails, but the quality of those nails was questionable. Finally the time came when we received a bad batch of nails — the galvanization was flaking off. We knew about Maze nails and knew that they had a reputation for high quality product, so we switched. We have been very happy with the quality and the service from Maze. Our customers are impressed with the STORMGUARD® ring shank pole barn nail."

Austin Borkholder — Borkholder Buildings & Supply — Nappannee IN

Walters Buildings logo

"I started pounding Maze nails almost 30 year ago. From what I can tell, you are still producing the same quality nails that we used back then. Why mess with a great product! We look at a lot of things when we evaluate our suppliers. Quality is first. If you compare your product with others you first notice the rings seem to be deeper and hold better than competitors. We also find that the nail does not shatter when driven into hard pine. The neoprene (rubber) washer has held up on our buildings for 40 years. Cost is second. We have always considered Maze cost effective and a great value. Delivery times and correct quantities come in third. Maze ranks high here also. Then we have the intangibles. Great people to work with, American-Made, sales support and a company that has been in business forever."

Scott Walters — Walters Buildings — Allenton WI