Maze Roofing Nails are Miami-Dade County Approved!

Miami-Dade County, Florida Notice of Acceptance (NOA) No: 16-0712.06 Expiration Date: 08/17/21
Miami-Dade Approved

As we know, Florida receives some of the harshest weather in the world. High winds, when coupled with corrosive salt water, can lead to extremely detrimental product failures.

Low quality "EG" nails quickly rust when exposed to salt water. Our double hot dip galvanized nails are dipped twice into molten zinc, giving them an unparalleled corrosion-resistant coating.

As the nation's only producer of double hot dip galvanized roofing nails, we are confident that our 100 year old time-proven method of hot dip galvanizing is far superior to anything being imported from overseas.

Miami-Dade County Approval pertains to Maze roofing nails that are hot dip galvanized and ring shanked.

MAZE ring shank HDG roofing nails are Miami-Dade County Approved
MAZE ring shank HDG
roofing nails are Miami-
Dade County Approved.
MAZE roofing nails
MAZE roofing nails are available
in bulk for hand driving and
coils for pneumatic tools.
MAZE roofing nails are made in the USA
MAZE roofing nails are
100% made in the USA.


The following 100% MADE IN USA roofing nails are Miami-Dade County Approved:


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